Warranty and Refund

We do not have a refund policy in all cases after delivery of the item.

-Shipping Damage

Shipping cost is not provided by us. We separate the shipping cost from the value of the product. The customer chooses the delivery service provider and pays himself. We will carry out the delivery at no charge. Therefore, in the event that the product is damaged during delivery, the customer must claim compensation for damage or loss from the delivery service provider. And if the customer needs assistance, we will help process the claim on the customer’s behalf.

-production damage

And if this cannot be resolved by you, I will exchange a new one for you and I will pay you for shipping the old item back and the shipping cost for the new one.

-Other damage

Damage from production without notifying within the specified time. Damage caused by use
There will be 1 year free warranty for both replacement parts and labor. But you have to pay the shipping cost yourself.
Accidental damage,Free labor for 1 year, but you have to pay for the cost of Spare parts and shipping costs

-Software is not covered by warranty.

Because the software is free for our customers. We therefore do not guarantee its use. But we are ready to help solve problems for customers in any case. Occasionally, 

if there is an update to the Simulator software from the developer, our interface software may not be able to connect, but we will make improvements to make our interface software usable with Software Simulator regularly.
We will send the software to you via email.