📣Hello, We had a problem with communication earlier because there were many channels and it was confusing to work with. We are now adding staff members to answer customer questions via email.
-If you want to inquire about product information, have a problem in the ordering process, track order status, or have an error in the delivery of your order.
📌Please email us at email : sale.javasimtech@gmail.com
-If you have problems with usage, installing software, reporting bugs, or would like to make an appointment for our technicians to serve you.
📌Please email us at email : help.javasimtech@gmail.com
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Software update JS-Connect for Fenix

Software update JS-Connect for Fenix Hello today we are here to update Software JS-Connect for [...]

JS-Connect is compatible with Fenix add-on

notify customers immediately JS-Connect for MSFS with Fenix ​​addon now has a new update. (version [...]

JS-Connect is compatible with MSFS2020 SimUpdate10.

JS-Connect is compatible with MSFS2020 SimUpdate10. JS-Connect is compatible with MSFS2020 SimUpdate10. Now I have [...]

New Software

After the launch of JS-Connect was postponed from the original schedule. The new software is [...]

Change to JS-Connect

Developing JS-Link Software that we developed for use in connection between our device and flight [...]

PUSH-PULL Rotary Encoder V2.0

PUSH-PULL RotaryEncoder V2.0  New pull-push dial Completely redesigned To reduce the problem of the smoothness [...]

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Airbus style-Desktop Series

OverHead Pane Desktop Series

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Airbus A320 - Pedestal Components

AIRBUS MCDU Version 3.0

  • THB: 14,520.00฿

Airbus A320 - Glare Components

A320 FCU V2.5

  • THB: 15,015.00฿

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